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LeafHouse Daily Update 3-28-2011

Today I got off my ass and turned in the cans I had collected. Naturally the bag opened itself up in my trunk and spilled cans all over. I gathered them up, rebagged em and got to the fun part. …

LeafHouse Daily Update 3-17-2011

Night had fallen on the town and it was time to go forth into the darkness and collect some cans. People had foolishly left gigantic green containment devices all over the place!

LeafHouse Daily Update 3-11-2011

The weather was nice.
The strange looks were plentiful.
The cans were too sparse.
Today I went out into the most suburban of the Chicago suburbs in search of the elusive aluminium can.

Zizzyx Daily Update 2-1-2011

I’m starting to become sick of cans at this point, but I’m hoping that I’m just on the depressive leg of a bi-polar can mood cycle. I’ll need a resurgence of motivation soon if I’m to maintain my lead!
Here is …

Zizzyx Daily Update 1-29-2011 & 1-30-2011

Not having the sense to check the forecast for this weekend prior to promising a picture-filled update, I was completely surprised by being rained out of my can collecting hours on saturday. All the scavenging I did this weekend was …