This list was made in Mid 2008 with the help of the Something Awful WH2K Goons. It is now up to date as of the 8th Anniversary Show.

The list works this way: Must haves are put into tiers. The top tiers are the best, the next tier is almost as good, etc. The next list are shows that are good, but you can wait til a good sale comes along. Then shows you can wait until they are in the 10 dollar sale. Then shows that might be worth it for a specific match or guy you are a fan of. Finally shows for completists only, and three even the completists might not want.

Must Buys (Shows you need to get regardless of the sale)
First Tier

Glory By Honor VIII The Final Countdown
Supercard of Honor IV
Final Battle 2008
Death Before Dishonor VI
Northern Navigation
Supercard of Honor III
Good Times, Great Memories
Glory By Honor V N2
Better Than Our Best
Manhattan Mayhem

Second Tier

Sixth Anniversary Show
Glory By Honor VI N2
Man Up
Manhattan Mayhem 2
Supercard of Honor 2
Final Battle 2006
The Final Showdown
Death Before Dishonor

Third Tier

Double Feature II
Take No Prisoners 2009
7th Anniversary Show
Final Battle 2007
FYF: Finale
FYF: Liverpool
Supercard of Honor
Dragon Gate Challenge
Death Before Dishonor II Night 1
Death Before Dishonor II Night 2
Generation Next

Fourth Tier
8th Anniversary Show
Death Before Dishonor VII Night 2
Death Before Dishonor VII Night 1
Take No Prisoners
Death Before Dishonor IV
Final Battle 2005
Joe vs Kobashi
Nowhere to Run
Joe vs Punk II
All Star Extravaganza

Fifth Tier
Aries vs Richards
Final Countdown Tour: Boston
End of an Age
Violent Tendencies
The Tokyo Summit
Dragon Gate Challenge II
Death Before Dishonor V N1
Punk: The Final Chapter
Night of Champions
Road to the Title

Wait for a Good Sale (Shows that are still really good, but wait til they are 25-35% off)

Final Battle 2009
Socal Showdown
The Omega Effect
Survival of the Fittest 2009
Final Countdown Tour: Chicago
Final Countdown Tour: Dayton
Manhattan Mayhem III
The Homecoming II
A Cut Above
Proving Ground 2009 Night 2
All Star Extravganza IV
Rising Above 2008
Bound By Hate
The French Connection
Glory By Honor VII
Driven 2008
Vendetta II
Respect is Earned II
A New Level
Return Engagement
Tag Wars 2008
Without Remorse
Proving Ground
Rising Above
Glory By Honor VI N1
Death Before Dishonor V Night 2
Race to the Top Tournament Night 2
Live in Tokyo
Fighting Spirit
All Star Extravaganza III
FYF Chicago
FYF New York
Chicago Spectacular Night 2
Honor Reclaims Boston
Anarchy in the UK
Fight of the Century
In Your Face
Ring of Homicide
Weekend of Champions Night 2
100th Show
Best in the World
4th Anniversary Show
Tag Wars 2006
Steel Cage Warfare
Third Anniversary Part 3
Third Anniversary Part 2
Final Battle 2004
All Star Extravaganza II
Survival of the Fittest
Reborn Stage 2
Final Battle 2003
Main Event Spectacles

10 Dollar Sale: (Shows that unless you are a completist you can wait 11 months for a 10 dollar sale)
Reverse The Curse
Clash of the Contenders
Never Say Die
Steel City Clash
Insanity Unleashed
Stylin’ and Profilin’
Caged Collision
Proving Ground 2009 Night 1
Full Circle
Southern Hostility
Ring of Homicide II
Battle of the Best
Age of Insanity
Fueling The Fire
New Horizons
Up For Grabs
Southern Navigation
Bedlam in Beantown
Double Feature
Eye of the Storm
Honor Nation
Caged Rage
Race to the Top Night 1
Fight at the Roxbury
Reborn: Again
Battle of Saint Paul
FYF Dayton
FYF Philly
Irresistible Forces
Glory By Honor V N1
Gut Check
Epic Encounter II
Generation Now
War of the Wire II
Chi-town Struggle
Arena Warfare
Hell Freezes Over
Night of Tribute
This Means War
Glory By Honor IV
Escape from NY
Death Before Dishonor III
Best of the American Super Juniors
Midnight Express Reunion
Glory By Honor III
World Title Classic
Reborn: Stage 1
At Our Best
Second Anniversary Show
The Conclusion
War of the Wire
Bitter Friends, Stiffer Enemies
Main Event Spectacles
Wrestlerave ’03
Round Robin Challenge II
The Epic Encounter
Glory By Honor
Round Robin Challenge
The Era of Honor Begins

Special Interest:
These are shows that for most fans would be considered below average, but certain fans may find interest in a title change, specific match or wrestler on these shows.

Motor City Madness 2009 (First Steen/Generico vs Wolves match)
Injustice II (Black vs McGuinness Draw)
Return of the 187 (Homicide’s return)
Night of the Butcher II (Necro Butcher main events)
Battle for Supremacy (Hero vs Strong, NWA title vs ROH title)
Unscripted III (Jacobs vs Danielson)
Chaos At the Cow Palace (ROH in the Cow Palace)
Survival of the Fittest 2007 (Chris Hero’s Night)
Live in Osaka (ROH vs Dragon Gate in Osaka)
International Challenge (Sweeney’s debut, DG vs ROH for the tag titles)
Chicago Spectacular Night 1 (Dragon vs Joe in a cage)
Dethroned (Daniels and Sydal win the tag titles)
Survival of the Fittest 2006 (Delirious vs Sydal in the finals)
Time to Man Up (Briscoes vs Richards/KENTA, AJ Styles last night in ROH)
Weekend of Champions Night 1 (Yang gets a title shot, Joe/Sydal vs GN)
How We Roll (Christian in ROH)
Unscripted II (Punk’s one night return)
Dragon Gate Invasion (Duh, and Nigel wins the Pure title)
The Homecoming (Punk vs Daniels hour draw)
Sign of Dishonor (Summer of Punk continues)
Back to Basics (Stevie Richards!)
Third Anniversary Part 1 (Cabana vs Aries in a Cage)
Weekend of Thunder Night 2 (LIGER!)
Weekend of Thunder Night 1 (LIGER!)
ROH Gold (50th Show)
Scramble Cage Melee (Joe vs Punk vs Homicide, Walters wins Pure title)
Reborn Completion (Ki returns, Pure champ crowned)
Testing the Limit (Aries vs Dragon epic)
Wrath of the Racket (Cornette debuts)
Night of the Grudges (AJ vs London)
Do or Die (Joe vs Homicide)
Revenge on the Prophecy (Joe vs Danielson)
Night of the Butcher (Abdullah)
Unscripted (Street Fight)
Crowning a Champion (First Champion)
Night of Appreciation (Eddie)

Completists Only:

Boiling Point
Eliminating the Competition
Wrestling At the Gateway
Reckless Abandon
This Means War II
Battle of the Icons
Black Friday Fallout
The Bitter End
Motor City Madness
Showdown in Motown
Buffalo Stampede
Enter the Dragon
Survival of the Fittest 2005
Night of the Grudges 2
It All Begins
The Last Stand
The Battle Lines Are Drawn
Tradition Continues
Empire State Showdown
Glory By Honor 2
Beating the Odds
Expect the Unexpected
Final Battle 2002

Shows That Just Really Suck
Trios Tournament 2005
Round Robin Challenge III
Scramble Madness

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