Climatic conditions concerning can collection were much improved today! My photographer and I spent a fair amount of time at the local disc golf course, where much of the “can market” is located. Of course, the first step to formulating a good plan is to survey the scene and consider your options.

The course was fairly busy, as it tends to be on pleasant afternoons, so I struck out for the areas mostly unoccupied during early afternoon on a weekday. This picnic area had far too many trash cans to fit into a reasonable amount of pictures – here is a distance shot:

Also found a receptacle in the warmup area which gets a lot of action but isn’t very crowded – except for this guy who might be preparing to fight me to the death for the contents of the bag.

This course sensibly has a garbage can at every hole, which is handy for people that open a 30 pack and drink it by the time they finish the course! This next picture is from the warmup area, and demonstrates the excellent density of potential can sources. I managed to get a modest amount from the ones pictured without needing to follow a playing group, collecting cans in their wake.

Not being sure how excited my followers are about closeups of garbage, I decided to find once choice can to document:

Really opens the eyes to the inner beauty of garbage’s random assortment of colors, shapes, and pungent odors!

A keen collector knows that not all prizes are found buried in garbage cans. I like to dig around in the marshy area every so often to see if anything valuable has gotten caught there. A can brings me a step closer to winning, but a stray golf disc gets me ten bucks! At this point, time/reward calculations mean nothing to the can man.

This doesn’t mean I’ve lost my center! I know to go hard sometimes you have to go easy. I decided on an old favorite to unwind before moving on.

Here is a double dumpster dose for anybody that might have felt let down:

Annnnd, since I know you all love seeing me in garbage, here’s one that had something at the very bottom:

Came away with a modest score today of 95 cans. That brings us to 281 for the work week. Look forward to the weekend, guys, I won’t let you down!

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