Today I spent several hours at work, none of which were free from thoughts of cans. Cans have consumed my consciousness, and for .20c each, who could be surprised? Unfortunately, I must work in order to eat, and my can collecting was delayed until long after nightfall. Fortune has smiled on me, however, as my lack of time did not equate to a lack of cans! I decided to start out by hitting up some more apartment dumpsters, which yielded little more than the expected ratio of cans to garbage:
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I hit the jackpot when I swooped into a business complex which apparently houses a vending machine. I found it difficult to contain my enthusiasm.
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I find my favorite aspect of can collecting to be the complete lack of tools or experience required. No bag? No problem, just find a bag full of garbage and empty it out – now you’ve got a can bag! If you’re lucky, your can bag might even already have cans in it – talk about easy! Due to my gainful employment, I was able to supply my own garbage bags today, but it is comforting to know that I still have a shot in this competition even if I become homeless before it ends. If you look closely, you can spot the comfort in this picture of me gloating with today’s haul:
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Two moderately full bags is about 50 cans/hand – let’s call my current total 160. Later in the week I will be crushing and counting all my cans, so expect an accurate report of my progress in USD shortly!

PS – The graffiti artists in this town suck. Everything just says “ARPUS” on it?
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