I continued playing SNGs today. At one point I crossed the $90 threshold, then immediately started running cold back to the mid 70’s. I worked my way back up to about $86 when I decided I was done with SNGs for the night. I decided I’d end the night by playing the 3:15 AM $2 O8 MTT again.

How did I do?

Top 3 in this tournament 2 nights in a row! I ran good when it counted! You’ve probably noticed that the amount I won would put me over the $100 dollar mark if I was still up at that point. Did I do it? Is this long, drawn out… well, solitary grind over? Let’s check the cashier:

YES. I’M DONE. I WIN! VICTORY! THE RIVER CARD HAS BEEN DEALT AND IT’S OVER! I was honestly fistpumping the moment the 6th player busted because 5th place prize money and up in that MTT put me over the $100 line. The can man has been soundly defeated due to his disappearance, but let us not forget all the awesome, funny content he provided us. I think we all can agree we just wish there had been more. Zizzyx, even though you got discouraged, I want you to know you put up a good fight.

Thanks to everybody who read this, and to everybody who offered prizes, and to ultimatepokerbankroll.com for sponsoring this silly contest. I hope that you found this entertaining, or at least a little interesting.

Now that this is over, I would like to step as far away from the “limelight” as possible and take a long break from internet poker. I got so sick of those sngs so many times. I just don’t enjoy playing minstakes because there isn’t enough money on the line. That’s just how I am. I’m even gonna withdraw the bankroll I made myself soon so I don’t go taking degen shots at PLO 100 or something.

So, there we go. That’s it. I feel like I should say more but I really don’t know what else there is to say.

I’m tired after staying up for nearly a month straight playing poker, so I think I’m finally gonna go to bed.

Bankroll totals:

Full Tilt: $109.08
Carbon: $1.50
Final Total: $110.58

Stay tuned for season 2, where a panhandler will be facing a guy who goes to bar freerolls and tries to pickpocket as much money as he can! (Okay, maybe not.)

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