As you can see, I’ve been playing a fair amount of money games in the past couple days. Brag: I finally had the good sense to realize that I can just screencap my tournament history instead of showing screenshots of all the individual lobbies. That would be a mess.

Yesterday I ran my bankroll up a fair bit, then something in my personal life kinda mega-tilted me which is why I took shots at the $6 SNG. What bad bankroll management! That situation has been resolved, but I ended up back where I started due to that. My apologies to everyone rooting for me for letting my personal feelings make me do stupid things in this challenge. I stopped until I felt better and continued again.

Not pictured- while tilted I won about $2 playing Rush Poker. Nothing special.

I have resolved the following:

-Continue to grind it out the way I can.

-Avoid tilt. I keep my cool with poker but if something bad happens in my personal life sometimes I get really, really stupid with poker. If that happens, I finish my current game from now on and just close the software.

One of my personal flaws that could make the late game of this competition difficult for me is that I have a flair for the dramatic. I will have to try very hard to resist the temptation to do something stupid like enter a $20 SNG to try and win in dramatic fashion. I think I can stop myself as long as I remember that there are people who would like to see me win. I don’t want to let you guys down!

As for freerolls, I haven’t played any really, because there are no juicy ones this week so far, and now that I have a bankroll I want my focus to be placed front and center on the games where my actual money is at risk. I would hate to be playing a freeroll and end up missing a good read on someone, or timing out with a strong hand on the bubble of an SNG as a result.

Oh well. I’m actually getting to the point bankroll-wise where I have an actual shot at winning this if I can avoid tilt. If anyone would like to send some rungood my way, I would appreciate it. O8 is basically Pot Limit Nothingeverfuckinghappensmaha so it can be kinda frustrating at times, but it’s the form of poker I love most.

Current bankroll: $18.12, damn the torpedoes, and damn you for flopping quads with K992 all-in preflop, Farragut!

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Cool Hand Poker Microgaming 100% to $350 10
Golden Tiger Poker Microgaming 50% to $200 9.8
PayNoRake Poker Tiger Gaming 100% Rakeback 9.2
True Poker True Network 100% to $200 8.6
Red Cherry Poker Everleaf 300% to $500 8.5