This is a short update today. Due to my social life once again I got a minimal amount done. NLHE is definitely killing me here due to a combination of the fact that I can’t do much in terms of trying to outplay opponents since half the table in these games will limp/call any bet and get it in with pretty much any pair, so I have to instead focus on betting my hands for value.

Unfortunately, this requires me to ever make a hand, which in the short term hasn’t been happening much in NL games.

This hand pretty much sums up my attempts today:

Just not going well. I can’t even get off the ground chipwise in these due to my weaker play in NLHE (I have never gotten to play in an NLHE game where people respond reasonably to bluffs, so I don’t cbet often enough, and because of my Omaha background I have too tight of a showdown range.). I admit that is a huge problem. I’m not bothering with any round 1 freeroll type deals because that would be equivalent to Zizzyx trying to make his 100 bucks by going to college, learning all sorts of industrial chemistry, and then getting a job with a bottling company only to embezzle a bunch of containers before filling.

However, I don’t feel defeated. I’m determined to come around and win this. It would be helpful if I could run good at just one NLHE tournament though!

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