Saturday, I played one freeroll. It had about 1600 entrants and a $25 prize pool. After a good while of nothing happening I had some better offline opportunities, so I intentionally busted by minraising Q4o and playing it as horribly as I could. Perhaps it could be considered an act of parody towards the usual freeroll opponents. Saturday night I chose to drink with friends, so no more freerolls were played.

Sunday I played a Daily Dollar satellite. Entry is free, of course. This one uses a super turbo format and all players start with only 300 chips. Fortunately, the play is terrible:

-If players were terrible before, they are worse now. People limp/fold preflop, and many more players seem to think that they were dealt a cashew and a pecan regardless of the actual strength of their preflop hand.

-Additionally, this is a satellite. Seats pay out to the top 200 entrants, with 7500 max entries. The freeroll element works in my favor here because in the late game the big stacks who have way more chips than they will ever need never stop trying to get themselves killed. I saw someone with about 15k chips bust out because of a stupid hand range decision.

The first few hands I folded because I was in early position and had nothing good. Finally, the first big blind hit me and I was dealt K7o. Several people limp, including UTG, and since several people had multiple stacks by this point I decided to check. On a flop of KQ7 rainbow I bet out 3bb. One player shoves over me and another player snap calls as well. I’m committed to the pot so I call, expecting to see at least one KQ. Instead, both players turn over K4 and K3 and the board runs bricks for an easy triple up.

I had a lot not happening and was down to about 740 chips at 60/120 when I shoved K8s in K9o, and I managed to suck out.

Later, I had about 1400 chips and was in the small blind at 150/300. The CO player shoved, having me covered, and it folded to me. I decided to call with KQs because even though I’d rather make an all-in than call an all-in, this player had been a little wild and I felt I had decent equity against his range. Additionally, the blinds will probably rise again before they reach me, and I don’t know if I stand a good chance at having a better hand later, so I call. The big blind also calls, and flips over AQo. The CO turns over QJo so at least I had made a good read! I manage to bink a king. and I end up with a much healthier stack.

The rest of the tournament was fairly straightforward. I eventually reach over 10k chips and didn’t play a single hand after that mark. It helped that at high blinds I got walked once to bump me up to about 12k. Amusingly, someone at my table who would have made it took 203rd place because they decided to shove the rest of their stack in with 33 despite several shorter players being about to bust. Had he folded, he would have also won as several people busted on the next hand. Way to go!

I’m glad that the tournament ran until after the start time of the Daily Dollar. I wasn’t looking forward to playing that, and now I have one tournament dollar that can be used for anything instead.

Current bankroll: A one dollar bill in virtual money. Don’t suppose I can win by printing it out 100 times?

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