Today I woke up feeling rejuvenated, which is a very good thing considering the amount of time and attention this competition will require. As promise, here is a shot of my cashier.

The 14 cents are not part of my effective bankroll for this competition and I cannot use them. As a result, in order to win this my bankroll must reach $100.14.

Before I get into what I did today, I would like to ramble a bit about the strategy I have set in place.

Basically, my plan is to win some amount of money, and then crash into sngs as riskily as possible until I either busto or get enough that I can play sngs and multitable to victory. I think if I can reach $25, then I am very likely to reach $100. The problem is that each time I bust, I am back to freerolls until I gain more money.

What I find particularly interesting about this competition is that because Zizzyx cannot lose money barring a freak accident, he can put extra pressure on me by suddenly changing his rate of collection. For example, in his first update, Zizzyx collected around 60 cans. However, I was not present to watch him do this and I do not know how hard he actually worked to collect. For all I know, he could be capable of collecting 400 cans per day and shut me down in short order. This is interesting to me because Zizzyx can, if I keep even with him, decide to blast ahead, which could cause me to make poor bankroll decisions. For example, if he and I were both at $70 at some point and he has an amazing day and hits $90, I will become sure that I will lose if I do not win asap the next day. By putting me in this position he may cause me to take a high risk, perhaps inspiring me to sit at NL50 (that particular event will not happen).

On the other end of the spectrum, while I can lose money as a result of my risk and have to start over, I can make Zizzyx have to pick up the pace if my risks pay off. There is nothing that makes it impossible for me to have $5 in my bankroll and have $70 4 hours later. I’d have to have the gods of poker smiling on me for certain, but is is possible. Were that to happen, I now have no reason to do anything but take minimal risk spots while grinding out the rest of the money, while Zizzyx must frantically search for as many cans as quickly as possible to try and close the gap. This could lead to him becoming quite tired, and he may even have to take a day of rest if he pushes himself too hard or if he ends up with a sunburn or something.

I think it will be interesting to see how things turn out. I admit my ability to win my be negatively impacted by the fact that I do not want for this to end to quickly. If I find myself with a large advantage at some point, I may be tempted to slow down just to increase drama. That’s just the kind of person I am sometimes.

Now for today’s update!

Today I began rolling out my real plans. Attempting to establish a bankroll requiring one to play 6k+ entrant fields is truly a horrible idea, but somehow yesterday I pulled 3 dollars away from it. I thought for a long time about what I was going to do, and after deciding upon a pot pie for lunch I then spent about 5 minutes deciding what to do with my hard-won bankroll.

-I could try my shot at NL2 or a micro-cash equivalent, but I think I would most strongly tilt there. Besides, I’m pretty sure that most bankroll guides recommend that you have at least $20k before you’re properly rolled for NL2.

-There are low stakes super turbo HU matches. I decided to play some of these in Razz.


This is me triumphing over one opponent. Not pictured: Me losing the first match I played.

After successfully paying some rake I decided that maybe that wasn’t going to work and tried a low stakes O8 game instead. Unfortunately I ran bad in that.

There’s nothing remarkable to say about this game. I was just card dead and with <8bb ran AKTTdd < 8843r aipf. I swear they remove half of the high cards from the deck when I need them to fall that way. (Perhaps the f in 13/f/cali stands for “conFirmation bias”)

Some more Razz HU happened but the end result was me being left with $.60 in my bankroll (plus the 14 cents but that doesn’t count.) I decided to just sit down to NL2 and hope for something good to happen, and then I got action on aces!

Not gonna bitch about that beat too much. I was off to a good start with my 3 dollars, and I took what I felt was the best shot I had. Next time I’m going to plan on doing things a bit differently- namely, I’m going to avoid the hu matches and wait until I have buyins for three full-ring o8 sngs. The 20 cent rake is prohibitive for long term play, but if I’m going to win it needs to be done quickly and over a small sample size and this may be a worthy sacrifice, though I may have to think about that further and change my plan if I decide I am wrong.

Back to freerolls, I decided to install the software at Ultimatebet because I found some private freerolls that require a little patience to get into, but no money is spent directly or indirectly to get into the game. These could be lucrative due to a small field and a $10 first prize, so let’s see how that goes!

Oh, well that’s disappointing. I lost half my stack in the early game due to sloppy play (bad at NLHE, no foolin’) and shoved 66 with 7bb left, got two calls, and the board ran out KQT8A. You can imagine how that went against two callers.

Fortunately, there was another one later!

(update 2-5.jpg)
Well, at least I’m consistent! In this game I was fairly card dead. I lost half my stack at 25/50 when I held AKss and got in on a flop of J73ss against J9o and bricked all of my outs. Then I was eliminated on this hand:
That’s just what I get for trying to stand up to Bill Fillmaff’s signature hand. Oh well!

If anything, this is already serving as a valuable lesson that, regardless of result, collecting cans is a far less frustrating way to make some petty cash. I have some more freerolls planned tonight, and I expect to be back in the game bankroll wise soon.

Current bankroll: Zonk (I knew I should have switched doors when given the chance..)

Cool Hand Poker Microgaming 100% to $350 10
Golden Tiger Poker Microgaming 50% to $200 9.8
PayNoRake Poker Tiger Gaming 100% Rakeback 9.2
True Poker True Network 100% to $200 8.6
Red Cherry Poker Everleaf 300% to $500 8.5