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Zizzyx Daily Update 2-1-2011

I’m starting to become sick of cans at this point, but I’m hoping that I’m just on the depressive leg of a bi-polar can mood cycle. I’ll need a resurgence of motivation soon if I’m to maintain my lead!
Here is …

Zizzyx Daily Update 1-29-2011 & 1-30-2011

Not having the sense to check the forecast for this weekend prior to promising a picture-filled update, I was completely surprised by being rained out of my can collecting hours on saturday. All the scavenging I did this weekend was …

Zizzyx Daily Update: 1-28-2011

Climatic conditions concerning can collection were much improved today! My photographer and I spent a fair amount of time at the local disc golf course, where much of the “can market” is located. Of course, the first step to formulating …

Zizzyx Daily Update: 1-27-2011

Today was a slow day. A combination of the weather, my late-week temperament, and a likely undeserved sense of security made for a low take today. It’s just as well, tonight was not really a good night for pictures:

Zizzyx Daily Update 1-26-2011

Today I spent several hours at work, none of which were free from thoughts of cans. Cans have consumed my consciousness, and for .20c each, who could be surprised? Unfortunately, I must work in order to eat, and my can …

Zizzyx Daily Update: 1-25-2011

Today I figured I’d get the lay of the land and scope out what will
likely be my most lucrative can source – the local diskgolf course.