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Win a PS3 on Cellsino Poker

We are happy to announce another big, exclusive promotion on Cellsino Poker. Here’s what you have to do, earn 1500 points (which equals $150 in rake) and you are entered in a drawing for a Playstation 3. Last month only …

Aced “Reloaded” Bonus Still Active

For those of you new to Aced Poker, the RELOADED code is still active, despite originally designed to end this summer. It is for a 100% up to $200 bonus, which clears at a rate of $1 for …

Aced Poker: Instant Cash Reload

Aced Poker is gearing up for football season with an odd little bonus.
Here’s all you need to do:

Make a deposit of at least $25 (through any method) between now and Sunday, August 30th, at 11:59PM

Aced Poker Promotions

Aced Poker is running a couple of promotions that need to be clarified.
 They are running a Quad Aces bonus that gives you 40 times the big blind if you win a hand with quad aces. However, you must use at …

Fortune Poker: Reloads, Freerolls and Giveaways!

Fortune Poker is giving away a ton of money in March. First of all, anyone who is interested in getting a reload should check the last paragraph of the most recent newsletter. If you want a reload you just have …

Win a PS3 on Aced Poker

Dealer Dan and I were debating a promotion for Aced Poker. I said "Let's give away a low end Blu Ray Player to the first person who clears the Aced100 bonus." Dan replied "Why not give them a really awesome …