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ROH Sleeper Shows

Before I get back to the year by year guide to ROH shows, I wanted to make a list of great shows that ROH has put on that don’t really get talked about anymore. I’ll do a part 2 in …

2002 ROH Buyers Guide

Ring of Honor’s 2002 is made up of some very uneven shows, but still some shows very much worth checking out. Each show retails for 15 dolllars, so the best time to get them is during a Big Ten Sale …

ROH Feud Guide

ROH has had some fantastic, compelling feuds in its 7+ years. But given that they are a promotion that reaches such a small audience, and one that for the most part has followed a DVD distribution business model it can …

2004 ROH Buyers Guide

2004 was a big year for ROH in good and bad ways. Rob Feinstein was busted by Perverted Justice trying to have sex with what he thought was a teenage boy. The TNA wrestlers were pulled. But there was a …

2003 ROH Buyers Guide

ROH expanded a great deal in its second year. They ran nearly twice as many shows, ran several new cities, and saw crowds sometimes twice as large as their 2002 records. However, many of the problems of 2002 remained. Production …

Ring of Honor 2005 Buyers Guide

1.  Manhattan Mayhem (A+)
Manhattan Mayhem was immediately heralded as the best show in ROH history, and was regarded that way by most until the release of Better Than Our Best a year later. Manhattan Mayhem is one of the …

ROH Buyers’ Guide

Ranking all ROH shows up to Final Battle 2008
ROH Sleeper Shows
A Guide to ROH’s 2002 DVDs
A Guide to ROH’s 2003 DVDs
A Guide to ROH’s 2004 DVDs
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