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13/f/cali Daily Update 2-21-2011

Played a good number of tournaments Saturday! As you can see here, I had a streak where I didn’t cash anything for quite some time.

13/f/cali Daily Update 2-18-2011

Well, I finally came off my “I’m emotionally likely to be on tilt so let’s not risk money” hiatus today, and immediately did something stupid.

13/f/cali Daily Update 2-8-2011

To everyone reading this, I’m sorry I didn’t get any updates in the past few days. I had some personal issues that came up, and the bankroll strategy we discussed earlier could be summed up as “depressed, angry, etc + …

13/f/cali Daily Update 2-4-2011

Here we are with another fresh batch of sngs. Today went well enough but sometimes I cannot help but feel that the best possible hand against me is a gutshot. I multiple times against gutshots today. No big deal though, …

13/f/cali Daily Update 2/3/2011 Part 2

Just wanted to report that I got back and played more tonight, and it’s still going nicely.
There has definitely been good luck and bad luck. I can’t say which I think I have had most. However, what’s really making this …

13/f/cali Daily Update 2-3-2011

I’m sending in my daily update early because I have things I want to do that aren’t poker, and I’m running on little sleep so I want to get it in before I mess up.

13/f/cali Daily Update 2-2-2011

I didn’t get to play as much today as I wanted to. I’ve not been running so well in a sense. I mean, when I’m getting the money in ahead I’m winning fairly often, so I’m not speaking of that.

13/f/cali Daily Update 2-1-2011

As you can see, I’ve been playing a fair amount of money games in the past couple days. Brag: I finally had the good sense to realize that I can just screencap my tournament history instead of showing screenshots of …