Paddy Poker Deposit Bonus Summary:

Paddy Power Poker has one of those bonuses that looks really difficult to clear on paper. I don’t understand why sites do this. If you make your points requirements really low, but the points difficult to earn, you may fool players. I’ve even been fooled once while writing a review of a site that required very few points per dollar. First of all, Paddy Power has one thing going for its bonus, it clears in 5 dollar increments. For a large bonus, the worst thing a site can have is a bonus that clears all at once, meaning if you don’t clear the whole thing you don’t get a dime. Furthermore, the bonus has a 90 day time limit, which is pretty good by today’s standards.

The problems start with the way Paddy Power Poker tabulates points. They are on the iPoker network and use a system where you can earn more points as you increase in “rank.” The ranks vary from one star or “private” to six stars or “general.” We’ll focus on the lower ranks as these are the ones you are likely to attain while clearing a bonus. If you are playing .5/1 hold ‘em and rake 25 cents to 50 cents per hand, this bonus will take you 60 hands to clear a dollar of bonus. So, basically the bonus will earn you a bit more than a dollar an hour. That is pretty horrible. At lower stakes it will take you upwards of 90 points per dollar. If you manage to reach the next level while clearing the bonus, your clearance rate only increases by 7%. So if you are playing a lot, you aren’t reward that much in terms of your bonus dollars.

In tournament play your bonus will only earn you the equivalent of 22% rakeback at the private rank. If somehow you managed to reach the highest level while clearing the bonus, you would still only be earning 44% rakeback, and that would only be for a portion of the bonus. The scary thing is, this is an above average bonus by iPoker network standards. Some of the bonuses on iPoker will only yield you 10% rakeback!

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