Small Stakes No Limit Hold’em was released several months ago, and it has been re-vamped. If you bought it previously, the new version 1.1 is free for you to download. So check the email account associated with your purchase of the book for instructions. It features:

* Support for the most popular e-reader devices such as Kindle, Sony Reader, iPhone,
and many more. Most devices will work with either the PRC or EPUB formats now
available for download.
* Upgraded PDF interactivity including bookmarking and a clickable table of
contents. The PDF version is now much easier to navigate. Note to Mac users:
Installing the latest version of Adobe Reader, while not required, may enhance your
reading experience.
* A number of bug fixes including fixed typos, layout problems, awkward wordings,
and so forth.

The book is now available in four formats: PDF, PRC, EPUB, and compatible PDF.

If you haven’t purchased it, and play short handed no limit hold’em, this might be a good time. If you have purchased it, enjoy the updates to Ed Miller’s latest work.

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