Full Tilt Poker, Pokerstars, Ultimate Bet and Absolute Poker were met with indictments today and saw their domain names seized by the Federal Government. The charges are bank fraud, money laundering as well as for internet gambling. You can read their press release by clicking here. Apparently some payment processors and bank accounts have already been seized and Pokerstars has barred US Players from its tables. There is a lot of speculation running around, but this is basically what we know for sure.

There are reports that one of the people behind the payment processors used by these sites went to the government and that was the cause of these indictments. That story can be found here. It would be quite ironic if FTP and Stars actually did tip off the FBI that he would be in the US and that led to today’s events. Right now what the future holds for other sites operating in the US is unclear. It seems like business as usual on other networks. If you have money on unaffected networks I would not worry right now. Play as normal and see what happens in the coming weeks. Right now there is reportedly a rush on the cashiers on the affected sites and right now we don’t know what payment processors on those sites if any will work.

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