PayNoRake Poker and Moneybookers are offering a giant first deposit bonus for players new to PayNoRake. The bonus is a 100% up to $3,000 deposit bonus. That’s right, three thousand dollars. The bonus requires 14 Points per $1 to clear, so basically the network average. Now, there is a catch. You do not earn rakeback while clearing a bonus. The bonus clears at a rate of 71% rakeback. Unless you are playing mid-stakes, it is difficult to earn more than 71% rakeback on PayNoRake, so in that case the bonus is a good deal. If you expect to earn more in rakeback, or even a bit less you should just stick to rakeback. (You will start receiving rakeback after clearing the bonus, or after the bonus expires if you go with the bonus.) Rakeback is paid daily, while the bonus clears in one chunk, so you may risk not clearing the bonus. So make sure you can clear the amount of bonus you deposit, otherwise you will be wasting your time.

You must deposit using Moneybookers and deposit at least $61 to get this bonus. No bonus code is required. You must deposit by July 11th to qualify, and you have 45 days to clear the bonus. Also, if you deposit for this bonus you are eligible for a prize draw promotion being run by Moneybookers. Not a member of PayNoRake Poker? Click here for more information or to sign up for 50 to 100% rakeback.

Cool Hand Poker Microgaming 100% to $350 10
Golden Tiger Poker Microgaming 50% to $200 9.8
PayNoRake Poker Tiger Gaming 100% Rakeback 9.2
True Poker True Network 100% to $200 8.6
Red Cherry Poker Everleaf 300% to $500 8.5