Party Poker
is telling players to Play Less and Win More during the month of March. March is over a week away but this promotion has been announced and looks pretty interesting. Basically Party Poker is allowing players to choose their own reward goals and these rewards get easier to clear as you play more. So in theory, the more you clear, the less you have to play to earn bonuses and freeroll entries.

There are size levels of prizes. Level one has five targets. The first target requires 5 Party Points for a $500 Freeroll. The second target requires 4 Party Points for a $750 Freeroll Entry. The third Target requires 3 points for a $1,000 Freeroll Entry. The 4th and 5th targets respectively require 2 and 1 Party points for $1,500 and $2,000 freeroll entries.

Level two is the same basic scheme with higher point totals and higher freeroll entries. Level 3 allows players to earn cash bonuses. It has 10 levels, and at level 6 you can earn a $1 bonus for 40 Party Points. 30 Points earns you $2, 20 points earns you $5, 10 points earns you $7, and 1 point earns you $10. Level 4 offers more cash with $125 in cash bonuses with the biggest bonus being $35. Level 5 has $750 in cash prizes with a top prize of $125 and a total of 7,176 points required. The final level is Level 6 and offers $3,000 in cash for earning 22,801 points. There are 20 targets and the top prize is $500.

So that is this month’s promo. It is pretty interesting. In the end you are earning a lot of points anyway, but the way it is set up should draw people in. Not a member of Party Poker? Click here for more information or to sign up!

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