Party Poker has added a new game to their line up. They have launched “Double Hold’em” a Texas Hold’em variant. Double Holdem starts off with three hole cards. The blind structure is the same, and the basic rules are the same as a traditional game of Texas Hold’em. The big change is on the flop, here is their description:

The Flop

This stage entails dealing three community cards. Players then set their Point card. The point card plays with each of the other cards BUT the other non-point cards don’t play with each other.

a) If a player fails to set the common card within the time limit, our software will automatically select the highest card as the common card. If the player has two high cards then the software checks if one of the high cards has a suited match with the third card. If yes then the high card which has a suited match with the third card will be selected For example if you are dealt Kc, Ks, 6c software will select Kc as it has the same suit as the 6c. In the above case the selected card can be of a lower suit also as you see Kc is a lower suit than Ks.

b) If the player has 2 high cards and suit does not match with 3 card, then the highest card with regard to face value and suit value will be considered. Ex: Ks, Kh, 6c software will select Ks as point card.

Once the player has selected their point card a further round of betting commences. Player selects their point card and act in regards to the betting round. Once complete the action move to the next player who in turn will have to select their point card and then act in regards to the betting round.

Players now can use the community cards to make their best five-card hands.

A second round of betting follows.

The turn and river then proceed normally, with showdown going down like this:

The Showdown

If there is more than one player left in the game, there is a showdown in which the players reveal their hands and the highest hand wins (see Rank of Hands). A player’s second-best hand is not considered. If two players share an identical top hand, the pot is split.

The other rule that must be noted is you cannot use your time bank during the selection of the point card. It can only be used for normal actions. Players have not yet figured the game out so expect the game to be very fishy. For more information on Party Poker click here for our bonus review, or you can visit Party Poker to sign up for Double Hold’em and the chance to earn up to 40% rakeback with their rewards program.

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