Hollywood Poker is offering a series of sign up bonuses. Most of you who have followed this site in the past know that they have offered multiple bonuses with varying clearing requirements. However, Hollywood Poker has changed that policy.  Perhaps James Woods and Vince Van Patten didn't like clearing 20x points for a big sign up bonus. They currently feature EIGHT bonuses that each require eight points per bonus dollar. Now, despite equal points requirements, these bonuses are not created equal.

 The 25 dollar and 2500 dollar bonuses are not very good. If you can only deposit 25 dollars, your bankroll is too small to play the stakes required to clear this bonus. The 2500 dollar bonus only gives you 21 days to clear it. While if you play high stakes this is possible, for the average player you are never going to clear it. Furthermore, unlike the smaller bonuses this bonus is only released if you complete the whole thing. The 1500 dollar bonus gives you thirty days, and released in 750 dollar increments with 30 days to clear.

 If you are playing in the area of 2/4, I'd say the 1000 dollar bonus is a great deal. You get 56 days, and it releases in 500 dollar increments. If you don't want to spend that much time on Hollywood, the lower bonuses are also worth checking out, especially if you play below 2/4. Even if you play .5/1, the 100 dollar bonus is at least worth checking out.

The bonus clears at 8 player points for every $1.  If you are outside of the US, Sign up for Hollywood Poker here .

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