We have several updates on Full Tilt Poker thanks to FTP Doug on the Two Plus Two forums. You can read his new thread by clicking here, or read the highlights below. Either way there is some good news, some neutral news and some non-news to cover stemming from the latest Black Friday Fallout.

First, the latest software update makes it impossible for US Players to manually change their address to a different country. All American players must instead contact support with proof of address to make an address change.

Full Tilt Poker will maintain the Iron Man Status and Black Card Status of any US Players in case US Players are able to play on Full Tilt Poker again in the future. You will not be penalized for days you were not able to play on Full Tilt due to these indictments.

To contact support you may use the support@fulltiltpoker.co.uk address and once the domain transfer has propagated the support@fulltiltpoker.com address will work again.

Full Tilt Poker will either maintain your points status and medals until US Players are allowed to return or allow US Players to convert these to cash. Unused tournament tickets and T$ will be allowed to be converted to cash before cashing out. It is currently unknown what will be done with unused bonus funds.

Their agreement with the US Government expressly allows them to allow players from outside the US to play on Full Tilt Poker.

Doug could not comment further on this matter but said that Full Tilt Poker did not mix player funds with operating funds and leave it in the United States.

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