If you play on Cellsino Poker you’ve obviously noticed some changes in the last week. The upgrades that happened last week were a mixed bag. First off the problems: The new cashier is not as quick to load, and the rakeback tracking page has not updated properly, but rakeback was paid on time. I have also found when you turn off animations, if you log on later you need to turn them back off since your choice is no longer saved. But there are positives too. There are now tables for US Dollars and Euros. So if you play NL 50 and want to move up, but find there’s few NL 100 games on Everleaf, the NL 50 Euro games are great since they are as soft as the games in American dollars, sometimes even softer. The dealer window is a bit cleaner and it is easier to rebuy. Also, the tournaments now appear in their proper places with the 4K and 10K point qualifiers being in the freeroll section, not the regular tournament section!

Why all the changes? Well the Everleaf Network and the Universal Poker Network merged. This is really good news as it creates a nearly doubled player base for the network. The UPN Network is as fishy as Everleaf, so anyone playing there need not worry about the pond drying up. There is likely to be one further merger as Victory Poker has announced it will join the network in a week. That update is expected to fix any problems last week’s patch created.

If you aren’t playing on this network, you should check it out. Click here for 40% Rakeback.

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