We covered Full Tilt Poker’s new Black Card VIP program yesterday. There was a ton of interest in the program, but a number of players are concerned at the difficulty of getting to Black Card status. An average of 500 points a day isn’t easy after all, but it isn’t just for the most dedicated multi tablers.

Full Tilt awards players in ring games with 1 point for every $1 that is raked at the table. For a full ring cash game, you would need to earn about $55.56 in MGR (rake) per day to keep up the average needed for Black Card status. If you multi table (or especially play Rush Poker) in No Limit $100/$1/$2 Limit or higher, it is very possible. Keep in mind, you need to average this for 100 days, and that continually rolls over. So you can’t just say “Well, I normally rake about 50 bucks, this will be easy!” If you take a day off, you keep to make up that money or else your average will suffer. So ideally your target should be closer to $70 per day if you are serious about Black Card status and still going out on weekends.

For tournament and sit and go players, the point conversion is a bit tougher. You get 7 points per $1 in tournament rake paid. That equates to needing an average of $71.43 to achieve Black Card status during a 100 day rolling period. So again, you’d probably need to be able to achieve a figure close to $80-85 per day to maintain a life and not play poker 7 days a week.

Luckily the 2x increase in Full Tilt Points once you’ve reached Black Card status makes it easier to maintain that average. But for now, you will need to put in some effort if you want the extra rewards. The great thing is, you will earn a ton of rakeback while you try to get that status! If you are interested in signing up for Full Tilt Poker and 27% rakeback, click here.

If you are looking for a VIP program that does not require as much daily effort, check out Carbon Poker instead. They have an excellent VIP program, plus 35% rakeback and you can find out more information about Carbon Poker by clicking here.

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