I just had to post this after the news that Dead Man’s Hand Poker had been scammed yesterday. Well, that and it is a useful promotion. True Poker is offering a variety of rewards for winning with Aces and Eights, the Dead Man’s Hand. These vary from tournament tickets, to bigger tournament tickets, to bonuses, to bigger bonuses, to freerolls!

Here’s how it works:

1. Win a real money Hold’em hand, in a game where the Big Blind is at least $1.00. and win on Showdown with qualified “Aces and Eights” and we’ll give you free $10 +1 tournament entry into our Saturday $1500 Guaranteed.

2. Win a second time with a ‘Dead Man’s Hand’ within 24 hours of your first hand and you’ll win free $50 + $5 entry to our weekly $6,000 Guaranteed

3. Win a third time with a Dead Man’s Hand within 24 hours of your first hand we’ll credit your account with a FREE $100 CASH BONUS

4. Win your second Dead Man’s Hand within the same week, but more than 24 hours later, you’ll win $11

Special Halloween Dead Man’s Hand $1,000 Freeroll Bonus for ALL Dead Man’s Hand Winners.

Every player winning with a Dead Man’s Hand under this promotion also wins a FREEROLL SEAT to our special $1,000 Halloween Freeroll tournament on Halloween, October 31st at 8pm EST.

There is some fine print:

Qualifiyng week starts from Sunday to Saturday

The Dead Man’s Hand is a two-pair Hold’em Poker hand, namely “Aces and Eights”. A qualifying hand requires the player to hold pocket cards of Ace and eight suited or off suit to qualify for this promo.

Only hands winning the pot at Showdown on real money Hold’em cash game tables at blinds of levels of $0.50/$1.00 or higher qualify. Heads Up play does not qualify, there must be a minimum of three players dealt in. Winning an uncontested hand (all opponents folded) pre-flop, on the flop, turn or the river will not qualify you for this promotion.

Players receiving prizes from the Dead Man’s Hand promo will automatically be tracked and paid. Tournament entries will be given for the following weekly events ($1500 Guaranteed or $6,000 Guaranteed), scheduled on our tournaments calendar. Confirmation of registration will be provided via email. Should a player be unable to play in the event for which they are scheduled, they should contact our Customer Service Staff at support@truepoker.com to arrange an alternate date to play.

All prizes will be credited to the player’s account within 24 hours of the hand completion, following a review to confirm the qualifing hand.

All qualifying hands for Dead Man’s Hand bonuses are subject to game play checks. Should there be evidence found of collusion or chip dumping, the claim will become invalid and the player accounts closed in accordance with our House Rules.

If you aren’t a member of True Poker, now is the time to sign up. A great sign up bonus, and now 30% rakeback if you sign up through Rakeback Resource.

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