I’m not sure how many people play on Dead Man’s Hand Poker, but it appears there has been a huge problem there. DMH Poker is a skin of the Everleaf Network and their main page now reads the following: “We were scammed big time by Cardoza Games Ltd.”

Dead Mans Hand Gaming Ltd. was supposed to be sold to a client under Cardoza Games (www.cardozagames.com)

Due to the fact that we where not told that the new client had pulled himself of the deal. Cardoza Games acted like the client still was there, when in fact they where long gone.

They took control of our player base with over 25k players and shut our poker client down without any form for possibility of reversing it. Before they told us about the sell didn’t go true.

We are in a process of taking this to the layers office and will soon lunch a website containing all the info regarding this issue, where our old members will get full access.

For all of our players and affiliates we will just say that we are sorry that things ended as it did, and that we acted in the best interested for our players and affiliates.

Hopefully Cardoza Games and the people behind this will get there punishment in the court of law.

Kind regards:

Deads Mans Hand Gaming Ltd.


Cardoza Gaming owned a casino site and an iPoker skin, but both have closed. Given the rather poorly written nature of the press release on DMH’s site, I am not sure what is going on.

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