In the past we’ve written about what a goldmine Cellsino Poker is. The players are horrible, you get 40% rakeback, and it is easy to get free entries into the daily 4K and weekly 10K guarantees. But, I didn’t realize exactly how much money they gave you back until now. If you play in the One Table 10,000 Guaranteed Satellites, or the same one table qualifiers for the 4,000 Guaranteed, you are getting an absurd value.

First of all, you get 40% rakeback from Cellsino Poker, and a deposit bonus that equals another 10% rakeback. If you play in these one table qualifiers, they cost you 200 points. You get 1 point for every 10 cents of rake you pay. So, for every 20 dollars in rake you pay, you can enter a qualifier. An average player should win 1 in 10 qualifiers, so you will get a 50+5 entry for every 2,000 points you pay, or $200 dollars of rake. On top of this, you get rakeback for your entry, so you get an extra $2.50 back.

So, you get a $57.50 value. So for every $100 in rake you pay, you can expect $40 back from rakeback, and to earn $28.50 in entry fees. If you are clearing the deposit bonus or a reload, you would be getting an extra $10 back, so your total value would be $78.50 for every 100 dollars of rake. That would be like 78.5% rakeback.

However, you ca do better. The 4K qualifier costs 100 points. So if you win 1/10th of the qualifiers you’ll get a $30+3 token for every $100 of rake you pay. That means you could expect to earn a maximum of $84.50 or 84.5% rakeback. However, the 4K is a rebuy, so that does change the value somewhat. But, the 4K also normally has a much higher percentage of overlay than the 10K does, and in some cases the 10K won’t have any overlay at all. But either way, you get getting a tremendous value from these qualifiers when you add in rakeback and bonuses to the equation. Then consider how soft these are and you should win more than your share.

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