Carbon Poker
has been offering so many reload bonuses lately that there hasn’t been time to focus on their VIP program, and the bonuses it offers. Rather than reload bonuses that require you to deposit, these bonuses are for meeting points goals, or cashing in VIP points for cash. Carbon Poker rewards players for reaching its different VIP tiers. If you get 500 points on the Earth tier, you get a bonus of $2.50. At 2,500 points you’ll get a bonus for the wind tier, which is worth $18.50. On the Fire tier, you get a points bonus after earning 5,000 points and that bonus is worth $50. Reach 10,000 points and you’ll get your water class bonus which is worth $150. Finally at 25,000 points you’ll reach the Ether tier bonus and earn $750! As you notice, the payout rate gets better the higher you go. The first bonus is worth $1 per 200 points, the second $1 per 135, and by the time you reach the top bonus you are earning $1 for every 33 points! That is better than almost every reload Carbon Poker has ever offered.

On top of that you are able to cash your points in for… well, cash! Every month players are allowed to turn points in for cash at the following rates. Earth tier players can get $100 for 10,000 points. Wind members can get $200 for 20,000 points. Fire members can earn up to $300 for 30,000 points. Water members can cash in for $400 for 40,000 points, and Ether members can get $500 for 50,000.

On top of this you can buy into tournaments with points, VIP members get access to exclusive freerolls, and there is the store as well. Right now, Carbon Poker is easily the best value on the internet. You have all of those bonuses plus plentiful reloads, freerolls, 35% rakeback, great customer service, and more. Not a member of Carbon Poker? Then click here for more information or to sign up for 35% rakeback!

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