Like playing against Cake Fish but wish you could do it on the go? Well Cake is listening. Cake has just introduced Cake Mobile. So if you are not a member of Cake yet, you absolutely need to sign up and receive 33% rakeback! Read on for full details on the service…

Installing Cake Poker Mobile onto your device

  1. Ensure your device has a web connection.
  2. Navigate Pocket Internet Explorer on your device to:
  3. Click on the download link and click Yes/Confirm at each of the prompts to install the Cake Poker Mobile client.

Playing Cake Poker Mobile

  1. On your phone, select the Start menu (and possibly the Programs folder) and then locate and select the Cake Poker icon.
  2. Cake Poker Mobile will launch and connect to the Cake Poker Mobile server.
  3. To start playing, press the '1' key, or use the directional arrow keys and press Enter when the "1. Start Playing" button is highlighted, or if your device has touch support, tap the "1. Start Playing" button.
  4. When prompted, enter a Cake Poker valid account e-mail address and password to login and start playing. Note that for subsequent plays, your credentials are cached so that the "1. Start Playing" button takes you directly to a table.
  5. If you like, select the Create Account button and fill out the form to create a new, play-money Cake Poker account. To make the account a real-money account you will need to log in to Cake Poker using the PC client.
  6. Play at the table is fairly straightforward. Blinds are automatically posted. Cards are automatically mucked. When it is your turn, a popup menu is displayed giving you your options. Use arrow keys, number keys, or tap the menu to make your play.
  7. When betting or raising, the bet control is displayed. The bet control is completely controlled via the device’s D-Pad (up, down, left, right, enter). When a user chooses to bet or raise, the bet control is displayed. Pressing Left cancels the control. Pressing and/or holding up and down keys numerically increases or decreases the bet. Pressing Enter confirms/submits the bet/raise.

    Pressing the Right d-pad key deserves a bit of explanation. Pressing Right “bumps” the bet to the next “level.” Levels currently defined are: min bet, 2x bet, ½ pot, pot, max bet, all-in. Not all levels are applicable in all situations. The label at the top of the control tells the user at what level they are betting. Users can adjust above and below the level using the Up and Down keys.

    There’s also a meter bar under the label at the top to give a visual indicator relatively as to where the current bet is between 0 and the maximum bet.

  8. Press 9 or the Left soft-key or tap the Leave button to get up from the table and return to the main menu.

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