Cake Poker has introduced an interesting new VIP program. It launches December 9th, and expands on the Gold Chip program, as you might imagine from the name. Here is their press release: Introduces Gold Stacks Instant Reward Program

December 4, 2009

The Gold Stacks is Cake’s newest loyalty program which offers instant rewards for building stacks out of Gold Chips.

Cake Poker has expanded on their popular Gold Chip and Gold Card reward programs with all new addition – Gold Stacks – launching December 9th. Players will receive instant rewards by building stacks of Gold Chips.

“This is a great new program for Cake players.” Lee Jones, Cake Poker Card Room Manager, explained. “It rewards them simply for playing in our ring games, tournaments, and sit-and-go’s. Furthermore, it does it automatically. The player doesn’t have to do anything; they just see extra gold chips or cash drop into their account.”

As a player earns Gold Chips they will begin building a Gold Stack. Every Gold Chip earned in real money game play is added on until a Gold Stack is complete – at that time, the player is instantly rewarded with Gold Chips, bonuses and best of all, cash. The more Stacks a player builds the more they are rewarded and there are bonuses for the speed in which they do it.

Since the Gold Stacks is a tiered program, rewards increase as a player rises in levels. However, unlike other loyalty programs, players are not forced to continually play to maintain the levels they attain. Lee Jones explains: “We’re also proud to have a program that doesn’t keep the player on a treadmill to maintain his level. With just a negligible amount of play, a player maintains the level that they are at. We understand that our players have lives outside of poker and if they need to be away for a month, we respect that. When they come back at the end of the month, they’ll be at exactly the same level as when they left and can pick right back up from there.”

For more information, visit Cake Poker. To sign up for 33% rakeback and get in on this new program, click here.

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