There is still a lot of news coming out of last week’s Black Friday Pokerpocalypse. First of all, we now know what the Cereus Network is doing. Absolute Poker and Ultimate Bet are still allowing Americans to play on their network, but they are not allowing further sign ups from US Players. If you have an account on these sites you can still play (although that may not be advisable) but if you are in the US and do not have an account yet you cannot sign up for Absolute or Ultimate Bet.

The Cake Poker Network is still allowing US Players, but one of the smaller skins on the Cake Network has banned Americans. Victory Poker is no longer allowing cash game play from American players. To be clear, the network itself is allowing US Players (and just issued a reload bonus) but this one skin has decided to stop. If you are an American player on Victory Poker and are looking for rakeback on Cake Poker, click here.

As of this writing, Cake Poker and the Merge Network (home of Carbon Poker, Play Aces and many others) have seen huge spikes in traffic. Cake is up nearly 20% and the Merge Network is up nearly 25%. By the time you read this you may be able to add another 5% to that total.

Cool Hand Poker Microgaming 100% to $350 10
Golden Tiger Poker Microgaming 50% to $200 9.8
PayNoRake Poker Tiger Gaming 100% Rakeback 9.2
True Poker True Network 100% to $200 8.6
Red Cherry Poker Everleaf 300% to $500 8.5