FTPDoug, a manager on Full Tilt Poker has posted the latest updates on the Black Friday Aftermath from the Full Tilt side. He addressed a number of issues on Two Plus Two Forums. We don’t have concrete answers on the cash out question yet, but we do know the answers to some other important questions. Here are the most pressing answers:

    Full Tilt Poker will issue an update on when withdrawals may begin early next week.
    Tournament Tickets will be converted to cash, as will cash game tickets.
    They have not decided what will be done with Full Tilt Points or Iron Man Medals. The medals will likely be converted to FTPs.
    Purchased bonuses in progress will have their unused points and medals returned.
    April rakeback will be paid.
    The Take Two Promotion will be paid out.
    US Residents who wish to move must prove residency in a new country and provide a photo ID before they are allowed to play again and will not be able to use their current US funds until they are first returned to them.

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