Mansion Poker Deposit Bonus Summary:

You might remember Mansion Poker as the sponsor of a terrible series of poker tournaments on Fox Sports Net. Well, it might have been FSN, I’m not sure. It just seems that every awful poker tournament is on FSN. Basically Mansion would fly winners of online freerolls to a live tournament and they’d play sit and gos to qualify for future tournaments. It was AWFUL.

Their bonus isn’t a whole lot better. They employ a rather complicated formula for determining point, so first I’ll mention the tournament bonus structure. You get 20 points per dollar of tournament fees you pay, so you’ll get 20% rakeback from tournaments during the bonus period.

For cash games there are various ranges of points given out depending on how much rake is paid at the table. For less than 10 cents in rake you get .2 points. .6 if it is under a quarter. .25 cents through .50 earns 1.25 points, then 1.5 for the next 25 cent range, 3 for the next, 3.75 for the next, etc. The amount of rake taken also depends on how many people are at the table, but for the sake of simplicity let us just assume you are playing a full short handed table or full ring since they are raked the same.

At .5/1 limit you’ll be required to play 75 raked hands per dollar of bonus. 1/2 will likely require around 50 raked hands per dollar. Even mid and high stakes will not earn a very high rate because 3 dollars of rake will yield only 10 points, meaning that will still require 10 raked hands per dollar even if you are raking THREE DOLLARS per hand!

For more information, Visit Mansion Poker.

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