Hollywood Poker Deposit Bonus Summary:

Hollywood Poker features a ton of bonuses. They used to offer a few bonuses. Then half a dozen. Hollywood Poker now offers EIGHT bonuses! They have made a siginifcant change to their clearing requirements. Formerly, every Hollywood Poker bonus would clear at 8 points per dollar. However, now only the smaller bonuses clear at this rate. The 50 dollar bonus is probably not worth your time since the 100 and 250 dollar bonuses also clear at an 8x point rate, and clear in 10 dollar increments.

The 500 dollar bonus clears at a 9x rate, the 1,000 dollar bonus at a 10x rate, and subsequent bonuses are even higher and unless you are a super high roller who loves the OnGame Network, they aren’t worth your time.Also note that if you are still playing micro stakes you should wait until you play at least NL 100 or 200 or Limit 1/2 before playing the OnGame bonuses or they will clear too slowly to be worth your time. Hollywood is one of the best rooms on OnGame with their customer support and unique promotions – read this Hollywood Poker Review for more information.

All of the changes aren’t for the worse however.Instead of varying time periods for each bonus, there is now one time period. No longer will someone playing the biggest bonus have just three weeks, now every bonus has a 90 day time period.

Hollywood Poker has added “valueback” which works somewhat like rakeback. You can earn up to 40% valueback, but players clearing a bonus will likely only earn 8-20% valueback, which adds some, but not alot of extra value to this bonus.

For more information, Visit Hollywood Poker.

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