Bodog Poker Deposit Bonus Summary:

Bodog has always experimented with unique bonuses, formerly being known for one of the first bottomless bonuses. This bonus is not quite bottomless, but is fairly interesting. The initial 10% bonus is excellent, clearing at 3 points, which even at micro limits is a fairly easy bonus. (For a micro limit player they could expect to play 6-8 raked hands per bonus dollar) and for a mid-stakes player it is quite excellent.

The second installment of the bonus clears much slower, but isn’t an impossible task. It is closer to a 20-25x raked hand bonus for micro-limit players, but as always is a much stronger bonus for players playing above micro limits.

After the initial 10% has been cleared a player may cash out his bonus, so there is no reason not to clear at least the initial bonus. Furthermore, the remaining 100% bonus releases in 10 dollar increments, making it easier for even a micro limit player to clear more of the bonus.

For more information read this Bodog Poker Review, or Visit Bodog Poker.

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