Betsson Poker Deposit Bonus Summary:

Betsson Poker is a site that doesn’t get a lot of attention, but they are yet another site on the OnGame network with several sign up bonuses. Their 100% up to 555 dollar bonus is by far their best (the other two bonuses have 10x point requirements.) Betsson Poker’s points system is actually a very generous system compared to most sites.

Rather than give points to a player based on how much of the rake they have contributed, all players are given equal points for a hand. So if a dollar is raked, each player at the table gets 1 point. This translates to a 15-20x bonus at the .5/1 limit stake, and under 10x for 2/4. For a bonus of this size, that is pretty rare, especially for a bonus that clears at tournaments! When transferring money to your Betsson Poker, this bonus is activated with the password FDB555. The bonus has a 60 day time limit which is also fairly reasonable for a bonus of this size.

For more information, Visit Betsson Poker.

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