Action Poker Deposit Bonus Summary:

Action Poker is a small poker room which offers frequent reloads. Their bonus system is fairly difficult to review which is one reason this article took a good deal of time to write. The bonus is based on points, and those points are based on how much a player contributes to the rake. This does not mean all players who contribute to the pot get an equal amount of points. Instead it is something like the Pacific Poker system where the amount a player puts into the pot counts for his percentage of the contribution to the rake.

You earn one POP point per 10 cents of rake you pay. This is the same for tournament play. This type of a bonus is extremely difficult to clear at full ring micro limit hold ’em, but once a player reaches small stakes the bonus increases at a much higher rate. Because of the contributed aspect of it, a player can expect to clear the bonus over twice as quickly playing short handed hold ’em rather than full ring.

The bonus is also quite large, so it is worth checking out for players with a large small or mid stakes bankroll, but must be avoided by anyone on a small bankroll in the micro limits.

However, I wouldn’t recommend the bigger standard first deposit bonus. On another page Action Poker also offers the following bonus.

Deposit $150 or more, and you will receive a FREE entry into the $2,000 Guaranteed Tournament running on Sundays at 6pm EST, a FREE entry into the $5,000 Guaranteed Tournament running on Saturdays at 7pm EST – and you will get 10% Cash Back on your deposit. In addition, you get a 100% deposit bonus.Just contact Customer Service via LiveChat and quote Bonus Code DVIPB100 – they will ensure you receive the royal treatment!

So you get two tournament tickets, 10% cashback and a 100% bonus for a $150 deposit. The deposit bonuses on Action Poker pay out to the tune of about 70% rakeback, so you are getting a lot of value for a small deposit. Action Poker doesn’t have enough traffic to be the sole site you play on, but if you like tournaments and want a secondary or tertiary site, Action Poker is a great site to try out with the DVIPB100 bonus.

For more information, Visit Action Poker.

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