32 Red Poker Deposit Bonus Summary:

32 Red Poker is a site that takes its name very seriously. It is very rare to find a site that gives you a 320 dollar bonus, and more rare for a site thatt gives you some of the points you need to clear the bonus upfront. 32 Red Poker gives you 100 points that can be used to clear the bonus up front. If you were to do the minimum bonus (32 dollars) the bonus would only require 220 extra redbacks to clear.

Now, these extra points clearly become less important if you deposit for the full 320 dollars, but any improvement in clearing costs is worth noting. As for redbacks you must earn, they are earned thusly. .25 are earned per raked hand at .25/.5, .5 redbacks at .5/1, 1 redback at 1/2 and 2/4, and 1.5 from 2/4 to 10/20 for limit tables. These costs are about the same at Pot Limit and No Limit, however you earn 1.5 redbacks per hand starting at the 2.5/5 level. This makes for a slow, but not impossible bonus at .5/1 with slightly less than 20 raked hands per dollar required to clear this bonus.

It becomes quite a good bonus at 1/2 and above, requiring slightly less than 10 raked hands per dollar at 1/2 and 2/4, and about 6 raked hands at 3/6 and above. This bonus isn’t the best we’ve reviewed in the past several days, but stands as a well above average bonus for today’s online poker, and a good bonus at 1/2 and above, especially for its size.

For more information, Visit 32Red Poker.

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